Sail GP Comes to Cowes August 10/11 2019

The Cowes UK event will take place over the first week-end of Lendy Cowes Week 2019 on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 August 2019.

This spectacular race event will take centre stage in the Solent, partnering with the already world-famous week-long regatta in Cowes and promises to deliver amazing racing action to the competitors, fans and visitors. As the home of UK sailing, fans will be out in force, both ashore and afloat, to support the home team, which features some of the best young Olympic talent in the country.

Contact us to charter a boat for the day for you and your guests to watch the race action from on board one of our power boat cruisers.

Autumn trips

The nights are drawing in now but the Solent is still a magical place to be and the sunsets at this time of year are truly spectacular.  We’ve been really lucky to have enjoyed some lovely sunshine over the middle of October but there may well be some equally nice sunny days to come. The seas are often calm at this time of year and the marinas and ports are all a little quieter.

Sunset on board Allegro with Hamble Power Boat Charters
Sunset on board Allegro with Hamble Power Boat Charters

If you are wondering how you can get out on the water give us a call and take advantage of one of our taster experiences from as little as 350.00 all inclusive.


Celebrity Hunted Filming on board Allegro

Spencer and Jamie on board Allegro

Stand up to Cancer

Spencer and Jamie planning their next moves to evade capture on board Allegro in Bembridge Harbour. Shot while filming Celebrity Hunted – Stand up to Cancer for Channel 4 last summer.

After making their escape from London by helicopter from London to Bembridge airport on the Isle of Wight the pair headed straight to their secret pre-arranged hideout on board Allegro with Hamble Powerboat Charters.

We were pleased to help out for the charity program and we had a couple of hours  on board with Jamie and Spencer with the channel 4 cameraman, waiting for the tide to come in before their planned escape in Tom Montgomery-Swan SUNUS ocean racing‘s race boat..

Look out for the release of the new race boat branding on June 9th 2018

Then out of the blue, literally we noticed a helicopter circling overhead. The hunters had figured out the route Jamie and Spencer had taken and were now scouring the marina for any sign of them. They hid below while we kept them updated as the helicopter continued to circle.

Luckily by then the tide had started to come back into the harbour and Jamie and Spencer were able to switch to the other pre-arranged boat alongside Allegro on the Bembridge Harbour pontoon. Only this time they were boarding Tom Montgomery-Swan’s 100mph race boat. The SUNUS Racing Spectre c237 which even a helicopter can’t follow for long.  They sped off on board for a game of Speedboat vs. Helicopter eventually heading to Torquay after giving the helicopter the slip!

Fun Times on board Allegro.. Thanks to Channel 4, Spencer Matthews, Jamie Laing,  Tom Montgomery-Swan and SUNUS Ocean Racing and Bembridge Harbour and staff.

Hunted HQ

Look what I’m up against tonight.

Spencer and Jamie think they can outsmart me. BIG mistake…

#CelebrityHunted for #StandUpToCancer, 9.15pm on Channel 4

Powerboat and Rib Magazine, Quicksilver 9m Photo Shoot

Quicksilver 9m Hamble Powerboat Charters

Hamble Powerboat Charters was recently asked to provide a camera boat for Powerboat and Rib Magazine to shoot some action shots of the brand new  9m cruiser from Quicksilver.
The new Quicksilver 9m will feature in an upcoming review in Powerboat and Rib Magazine

Here is some video footage from the Powerboat and Rib Magazine shoot.

When asked to provide the camera ship for the shoot,  “Allegro” was “locked” in literally, at Port Solent as the annual maintenance repairs were underway and the lock gates were out of action.  So the task fell on “Endeavour” skippered by Simon C with myself as crew.
The Quicksilver 9m was being helmed for the day by Tom Montgomery-Swan of Sunus Ocean Racing,  who was recently awarded UK marathon class Powerboat Championship winner for 2017.

The weather was set fair on the 12th Feb with. So in near perfect and sunny conditions we readied Endeavour our Hamble Powerboat Charters Cranchi Mediterainee 43 HT. Endeavour is the perfect boat for a sunny February as she is well protected with her hard top.

We met up with Tom and Greg as they made their way down the Hamble River from Swanwick Marina on board the Quicksilver. Greg the photographer and staff writer transferred to Endeavour at her berth at the Royal Southern Yacht Club  and from there we headed out together into Southampton water and across the Solent to Osborne Bay, our playground for the shoot.

Tom was able to put the Quicksilver through her paces in the wake from Endeavour’s twin Volvo D6’s and her IPS drives at around 20 knots, as we shot some behind the scenes photos and video of the Quicksilver and photographer Greg in action.

We had a great time and got the shots that were needed. Look out for the upcoming review.

If you need a “camera ship” for an upcoming event or shoot, or you would simply  like the best vantage point for any of the upcoming Solent Events then please contact us

Hamble Powerboat Charters

Solent Forts and Hamble Powerboat Charters


Spitbank Fort, No Mans Fort and Horse Sands Fort are the three historic granite forts located at the Eastern entrance to the Solent between Portsmouth and Bembridge on the Isle of Wight. All three Forts are now owned and operated by Solent

Spitbank Fort and No Mans Fort are now fabulous Hotel Restaurants run by Solent

At Hamble Powerboat Charters we were recently asked if we could transport a bride and groom on board Allegro from their Church service near Southampton out to Spitbank Fort for their reception.

We are incredibly excited to be able to do this for the bride and groom and also honoured to have gained the necessary permissions for the transfer with the cooperation of the Fort Boatmen and their RIB. The Forts are incredibly popular throughout the year and if you have a stay planned at one of the forts and would like to arrive in style or enjoy a trip on board one of our luxury cruisers as part of your stay on one of the Forts then we may be able to help.

Please contact us  for more information.

Hamble Powerboat Charters and SUNUS Ocean Racing at the Cowes Torquay Cowes Powerboat Races

Allegro behind 2017 Cowes Torquaypowerboat race winners Halcyon connect and SUNUS Ocean Racing C237

The Cowes-Torquay-Cowes Off-Shore Powerboat Race, Solent, 25th-26th August 2018

We had a superb weekend in 2017 when Hamble Powerboat Charters “Allegro” acted as team HQ boat for our friends at SUNUS Ocean Racing.

Over the course of the Weekend Sunus Ocean Racing, Tom Montgomery-Swan and then team mate Michal Galczewski took a superb second place overall and were the first outboard powered hull home just behind overall winners  Halcyon Connect.

Full results are here on the British Powerboat Racing  Cowes Torquay home page.

What was so enjoyable for us over the whole weekend was being able to get in among the action in the wet pits at Cowes Yacht Haven. The weather was superb being one of the hottest weekends of the year and near flat calm conditions to host and take out  the SUNUS Ocean racing sponsors and partners on board Allegro.

We watched the racing from the start “funnel” of Cowes where the race boats accelerate up to top speed. An incredible sight and sound.

We watched the progress of the race live from on board Allegro using the race app YB Races and by the time we had finished lunch on board and our guests had popped open their second bottle Tom Montgomery-Swan in the Mercury Racing Sunus C273 entry was already almost at Torquay and averaging around 76mph.

C237 from on board Allegro before the Cowes Torquay powerboat races with SUNUS Ocean Racing
C237 from on board Allegro before the Cowes Torquay powerboat races with SUNUS Ocean Racing

Guests on board Allegro during the Cowes Torquay powerboat races with SUNUS Ocean Racing
Guests on board Allegro during the Cowes Torquay powerboat races with SUNUS Ocean Racing

SUNUS Ocean Racing Tom and family
SUNUS Ocean Racing Tom and family alongside C237

Halcyon Connect winner 2017 Cowes Torquay Cowes Powerboat race
Halcyon Connect winner 2017 Cowes Torquay Cowes Powerboat race

Allegro at West Cowes Yacht Haven Cowes Toorquay Powerboat Race 2017 Hamble Powerboat Charters
Allegro at West Cowes Yacht Haven Cowes Toorquay Powerboat Race 2017 Hamble Powerboat Charters

Allegro at West Cowes Yacht Haven Cowes Toorquay Powerboat Race 2017 Hamble Powerboat Charters
Allegro at West Cowes Yacht Haven Cowes Toorquay Powerboat Race 2017 Hamble Powerboat Charters




Allegro provides the perfect location for a marriage proposal

Marriage proposal on board Allegro with Hamble Powerboat Charters

On a calm and sunny day at the beginning of November our guest Ravi proposed to his lovely girlfriend Mani on board Allegro. While at anchor in Osborne Bay the crew made themselves scarce below deck for their special moment, and we are pleased to say Mani said yes! 

It was a pleasure to meet them both and and a privilege to have them on board for such an important day. After a champagne celebration and much admiration of Mani’s impressive new engagement ring we headed for Cowes. We dropped them off at Cowes Yacht Haven for lunch at “Coast” restaurant in West Cowes before returning to Port Solent before sunset.
We wish them all the very best for their future together.

Contact us at Hamble Powerboat Charters if you are thinking of popping the question of a marriage proposal and we’ll provide the perfect location.